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Chicago Youth Quake
Feb 28, and March 1,2 will be the Chicago Youth Quake.
It will be at a motel in Schaumburg. For those of you who have never, its a wild experience! Bands, speakers, seminars, two nights in a hotel. I have been to a number of them and believe me it will be a great experience, perhaps even a life changing experience.
The cost will be $95 for the quake, plus  the cost of  the motel, which will depend on how many people we have going. Historically the church pays 1/3, each of you pays 1/3, and the funds from the youth fundraisers pays 1/3.  I f you  find cost a stumbling block, there is scholarship money available.  Don't miss this.
If you want more info check out this link:
Please sign up on the board at church in order to get the cheaper price. 
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