Due to the widespread risk of the Coronavirus(COVID-19) we have temporarily postponed Worship Services.  Once we have more information, we will update the church website, voice message, and email the information to the church congregation.  Please stay safe and blessings to you and your family. 

St. Mark Lutheran Church

Sunday Services

8:00 A.M. Traditional
10:00 A.M. Contemporary

11007 S. 76th Ave.
Worth, IL 60482
Office: (708) 448-6555


Sermon from March 29th
Pastor Jay's March 29th sermon can be seen online by clicking here.
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Sermon from March 22nd
Pastor Jay's March 22nd sermon can be seen online by clicking here.
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Julia Trygstad - Mission Update #          Comments


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Julia Trygstad - Heart for Prague

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"For where God built a church there the Devil would also build a chapel." Martin Luther

11007 S. 76th Avenue, Worth, IL 60482  (708) 448-6555

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