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DIAL-A-STORY (708) 802-2719 (created by David Trexler)


Short Children’s stories about God’s love for all of us. A new story every week! The stories are sometimes fun, sometimes witty, sometimes cute, sometimes serious, but always carry the theme of Love.

"Knee Mail" Box

Who?  The people of St Mark Lutheran church in Worth, Illinois

What? recently dedicated a “knee mail” box.  Members of the community are invited to put their letters to God in the box, signed or unsigned, and the people of St Mark will lift up their prayer requests on Sunday morning.

When? The dedication service was planned as part of the celebration of the 100th birthday of our community, Worth.

Why?  The impetus for the project came from two members of St. Mark, Adriane Olejnik and Mark Karner.  Mark was stricken by polio as a child, and suffered from Scoliosis, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. He went on to become a disability rights activist, helping over 500 people to get out of nursing homes and  back into their homes.  Mark passed away in June of 2013, and “Mark’s Knee Mail box, was dedicated in his memory.  

The box was inspired by the movie “Letters to God”, and was built by Ed Muscarella, and painted by Barbara Urban.

The article about the life of Mark Karner in the Chicago Sun Times can be found here.

For more information contact pastor Jay Trygstad at 708-448-6555.

Knee Mail Box
Knee Mail Box

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"This we have to fear as the greatest and nearest danger, that Satan take from us the pure doctrine of faith, and bring into the Church again the doctrine of works and man's traditions. Wherefore, it is very necessary, that this doctrine be kept in continual practice and public exercise both of reading and hearing. . . . Wherefore, this doctrine can never be taught, urged, and repeated enough. If this doctrine be lost, then also the whole knowledge of truth, life, and salvation lost and gone. If this doctrine flourish, then all good things flourish, religion, the true service of God, the glory of God, the right knowledge of all things and all states of life." Martin Luther

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