St. Mark ELCA/Anita E. Korensky Scholarships


Dear Scholarship Applicants,

The Anita Korensky Scholarship was established in 1997, by her husband and children in Anita's memory. Anita, a long time member of St. Mark had been involved in education for many years.  She helped and encouraged many students to do their best and reach their educational dreams.

Applicants must be accepted or continue in traditional or non-traditional programs that could include higher education in the forms of college, trade-schools, and for advanced degrees.

Previous recipients may apply again. Please read and follow criteria for the scholarship carefully. Applications will be rated by a rubric included for your information.

The top two applicants will receive scholarship awards. Other applicants will receive a book stipend.

DUE DATE FOR APPLICATIONS FOR 2018 is TBD (To Be Determined). 

Awards will be presented on (date TBA).

        Application forms are available by clicking on the link below. The deadline for applications for 2018 is TBD.   All committee members participate in evaluating the applications received, and decisions regarding the awarding of scholarships reside in the hands of the entire committee. The number of scholarships awarded annually depends on the number of applications received and funds available.

*For more information and to print an application, click the links below.

2018 Scholarship Application (Download)

Link To: Scholarship Eligibility

The Application is in .pdf format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download.

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Robert A. Korensky I, 80, died Thursday, December 29, 2011. He was the originator of the Anita E. Korensky Scholarship here at St. Mark.