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January 2018 Memo's (View/Download)

The Pastor's Pen


Dear St Mark family,

I heard a story about a man, we'll call him Don. Don offered to give a gift of peach brandy to his pastor, on the condition that the pastor acknowledge the gift publicly. The pastor thought about it, and decided to receive the gift on those terms. The bottle was given and the next week the following thank you note appeared in the monthly     newsletter.

I'd like to thank Don for his gift of fruit, . . . and the spirit in which it was given.

I wanted to thank all of you who have given me and my family such thoughtful and generous gifts to our family this Christmas. Your kindness is much appreciated. 

I got the following from the Church Doctor report the other day and I was encouraged by it. I hope you will be too. This article  is  used with permission.

"There is hope on the horizon! If you study the history of Christianity, impact and growth of the church is cyclical.

  1. Christianity flourishes 

  2. Christians and churches subtly and unconsciously drift from the culture of God's Kingdom. 

 3. The church loses effectiveness.               

 4. Decline becomes evident.        

 5. God gets our attention.                               

 6. Christians become open to self-examination.                                                                                                             

 7. The Holy Spirit works in the lives of some believers. This is called holy discontent.

 8. Those Christians with this holy discontent begin to feel a spiritual restlessness. They become early adopters for spiritual renewal in their churches. 

 9. If they are refreshed with Kingdom culture, the church begins to turn around.                       

10. If they are equipped to influence those in their social network,                      

11. The momentum in the church grows. This momentum begins to restore by God's power, the kingdom atmosphere in the church. When this reaches a tipping point it's called an "awakening." Like a wakeup call and a return to  the kind of church Jesus had in mind.                                                         

12. The church begins to offload some secular drift that has crept into the church over many decades.                                                                                                                           

13. When this awakening occurs in a critical mass of churches in a geographical area, it becomes a revival. In a revival God works in a way that is unexplainable. Churches grow with new believers at a rate that is, from a human perspective, unexplainable.                                                                               

14. The growth of people results in the growth of churches in a dimension, called a geometric progression. This reflects a movement of spontaneous multiplication. This is God-given and miraculous. This begins when the kingdom culture of your church is biblically nurtured in a guided process over a period of about three years.

Here's wishing you a joyous Christmas season.


                                       Your brother in Christ

                                              Pastor Jay

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