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2017 August Memo's (View / Download)

September 2017 Memo's (View/Download)

The Pastor's Pen

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Is it just me that thinks the summer has just flown by? And the older I get the faster it flies.  Now that I have your attention, the good news is there are many exciting things coming in the life  of our church this fall! Take a minute to check ‘em out.

 Continuing this Sunday, our Worship Committee, after a summer of worship services at 8 and 10, has decided we will continue that schedule into the fall.

A Classic Grace service at  8 & a Joyful Noise  contemporary service at 10.

 September 10 Sunday School begins  at 8:55am, and goes till 9:55, thus enabling kids and parents to worship together either at 8 or 10.

September 10 I will be offering a 30 minute adult Bible study in the fellowship hall led by  the pastor. The time will be from  9:15 to 9:45  Just enough time to drop the kids off at Sunday School, or pick up a goodie at the hospitality table before you head  downstairs.  September  through November we will be studying the Gospel of Matthew, and beginning in December we will study the book of Mark. The verses we study together will be the same  as those preached  on that Sunday. You don't have to be a Biblical scholar to attend, we all just use the table of contents. Sign up in the narthex.

September 22 & 23 Indoor garage sale, 9-3 Buyers and sellers wanted.

 September 28-October 1  Walk to Emmaus Men's renewal retreat. Interested talk to me.

 September  30 Our every year Pet Blessing  this year at Sacred Heart at 10 am. 

 October  1 the entire congregation will meet for a joint worship service at the Worth Jr. High. The event is called, "Celebration Sunday: For the Love of  God"

Beds+ workers will be installed.

A banquet will follow. Please sign up so we know how much food.

October 6 begins the BEDS+ (formerly called PADS) season. People are needed to work shifts and make food. 

October 8 the congregation is invited to stay for a pot luck lunch together, followed by a screening of the Luther movie.(the new one, not the one made in the 50s) Popcorn   included.

October 13- November 3 A four session course about marriage entitled "His Brain Her Brain." (This is a continuation of the class we had last winter.) 7-8:30 PM

October 14 there will be a 7 week men's Bible Study will go from 9 to 10am on Saturday mornings. Sign up in the narthex and bring a friend.

October 21 Luther Celebration led by our youth.

October 29 will be the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Don't miss this celebration. There won't be another one like it until 2517.

November 2-5 Walk to Emmaus Women's renewal retreat. Questions, talk to me or to Amy Gajeski who will be leading the event.

 There are many choices available at St. Mark this fall. Opportunities to learn, worship, serve, and grow. Why not join us?


                                                               Your  Brother in Christ,

Pastor Jay

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