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The Pastor's Pen

Dear friends,

I don't want to jinx it, but I think spring might be here. The bushes are blossoming beautifully in the front of the church, and  it's beautiful motorcycle weather.  

A big thank you to those of you who gathered to be a part of the Long Range Planning Team. You worked hard and long to put together a five year plan for our church. You did good work. Results of the teams work will be coming out to the congregation.

I heard of a recent survey done at Harvard University. According to their study about 75% of Americans self identify as Christians. That number is declining by about 1% every year. Only 40% of Americans say they have a "strong religious affiliation." That is, Christians who attend church, read and believe the Bible, and allow it to shape how they view the world.  This more committed group of believers is not shrinking or declining. The authors illustrate their finding by saying if the population of the US is the size of a shoe box, then a pot ¾ the size of the box represents those who self identified as Christians, and the number of Christians "who claim a strong religious affiliation could be represented by a tea cup .The box is growing, the pot is shrinking every year, but the number of Christians represented by the tea cup is holding strong. Paul says we are all earthen vessels. The envelope that this study pushes is the question, "Which  container am I?"


                                                Your brother in Christ,

                                                      Pastor Jay


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