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Singer Matthew West asks a question in one of his songs: 
“What’s your story – about His Glory”

The idea of a story/testimonial page on the St. Mark web site was born of the Kingdom ministry of St. Mark.  If you have not experienced a Kingdom weekend, watch for upcoming dates, it is an experience that will change your life.  Please feel free to contact myself or the Church office with questions. 

If you have a story you’d like to share, please submit it to, attention Linda at the church office, or you can send it to me if you like… 
We really want to hear from you.
Stories of the people of St Mark!


God is at Work… Don’t Quit, Don’t Give Up
February 23, 2011… I encountered the one thing I thought would never happen. I lost my job. I feared the worst; I panicked, and was numb with shock. During the first few weeks of that time, I found it difficult to focus, think straight and sometimes I felt like I’ve just lost all hope and faith.Then, one Sunday morning (March 6th to be exact), these words from Pastor Jay’s sermon really opened my eyes: “God is at work in the midst of your suffering in ways you maybe can’t see and maybe don’t understand, but don’t quit, don’t give up.After hearing those words, I was really determined on my job search, met with several job recruiters, sent out numerous resumes and applied for jobs online. Several of my resumes that were mailed out wound up getting returned, and I received several email acknowledgements saying “Thank you for your interest, but we have pursued other opportunities in filling a position”… I did not quit and did not give up because I knew that God was working.I kept attending worship services, serving as a reader and also staying focused with teaching Sunday school. I was not going to quit serving our Lord because I lost my job. Through prayer, faith, encouragement, and perseverance, I have been truly blessed in being placed on a part-time job on a temporary to hire basis. I did not quit – so don’t give up and don’t quit. God is at work in all of us! Submitted by: Debby Giera 

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The Decision Is Yours


When I was 17 years old Betty Witte asked me to play a flute solo for the late service on Christmas Eve.  I remember sitting in the kitchen with my Mom discussing whether I should agree to play.  I told my Mom, I really have too much to do right now – I have the Winter Concert at school – I was doing all the scenery for the Sunday School Christmas Program I was going to tell her no, I had no time to practice. 


My Mom very calmly said “That’s fine the decision is yours, but just remember who gave you those talents.”  Needless to say I chose to play O Holy Night.  My sister Judy was the organist for that service and agreed to accompany me.  We practiced several times at home and I was OK but that “Fall on your knees” part always came out a little scary. 


Christmas Eve came and church is packed there are people in every pew including the balcony.  Mr. Potter, Director of Music District 230 happened to be in attendance at that service, (no added pressure to be at you best when the head of your whole program is in attendance.)  I never spoke to him that night but relayed the story to his wife years later and she said I shouldn’t have been nervous, he loved listening to young musicians, it was his passion.


As the song started babies were crying and bulletin’s were rustling and as I began to play something happened that night.  Everything stopped; the papers stopped rustling the babies stopped crying.  The only sound was that of my sister playing the organ and my flute.  As we approached the “Fall on your knees” part, I’m sure the Holy Spirit had taken over my instrument because the notes soared out of the instrument and floated over the crowded congregation like never before.  I have played my flute since then in church but it has never sounded the same as that Christmas Eve.   


How lucky I have been to have my Mom who reminded me where my talent comes from, a sister willing to accompany me and prepare me for that moment and Betty Witte to ask me to share my gift.  We are blessed by moments in time that shape our lives and the people that we are given to share those moments. 


Hopefully, the next time you are asked to share your talents – you will hear my Mom’s words “That’s fine the decision is yours, but just remember who gave you those talents.”  And as you serve, the Holy Sprit will join you in that moment and your life will be changed forever.


Pam Giera

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