March 9 - Youth Group / Pizza Party

Getting to know you pizza party/youth group meeting beginning @ 6:30pm in the narthex. Fun night with pizza, pop and fellowship. Getting ideas while getting to know eachother. BRING YOUR THINKING CAPS!  Meet in the narthex, come hungry, be ready to brainstorm awesome ideas for the upcoming year. Invite and bring your friends. 6th grade through Senior High welcome!   

Stephanie and Anthony


KFC - Darkness into Light (Kids ages 3 – 8) (Pk to 3rd grade) I John 1:7 - 2:10

KFC – Pebbles to Stones (Kids 4th Grade through 6th Grade) 1 Peter 1:14 - 2:11


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FELLOWSHIP Schedule for Grades 1-5

October - Annual Pet Blessing - October 2017 @ 10:00am (Date and place TBD)

December 24 - 10:00am - Birthday Party for Jesus ages 3-10 (Pastor Jay)




VBS - Vacation Bible School

Contact the church office to register.



Vacation Bible School 2015 with Southpaw
@ St. Mark Lutheran Church



SUNDAY SCHOOL - 8:55am in Koetz Hall (Ages 3 to 12)  September through May

First Bible - (3rd Grade - age 9) - May @ 10:00am Service

First Bible Training -  Saturday, May @ 10:00am

First Communion(4th Grade - age 10 and up)  Communion workshop - Saturday, Date TBD @ 10:00am

Parents Orientation,   Saturday, Date TBD @ 10:00am

First Communion - Sunday, TBD @ 10:00am Service

Vacation Bible School - July or August (TBD)

Confirmation Classes begin in September @ 7pm every Wednesday through April

Confirmation Rehearsal - Saturday, October TBD

Confirmation Ceremony - Sunday, October date TBD @ the 10:00am service.  

* TBD - To Be Determined 


First Communion is celebrated at St. Mark each year when our members who are 10 years old participate in an overnight retreat and learn about Holy Communion. Each year the participants paint their own chalice, form their own beeswax candle, make a group banner, bake communion bread for Sunday worship services, and reenact the Last Supper in a drama.



We are in need of Worship Technicians. If anyone feels that they would like to serve in this manner please contact the church office at (708) 448-6555.


Developing and promoting youth activities is an important part of our church. The church offers several activities for our younger members.

* Kids For Christ aka Kids Fun Club (Grades 1 - 6th /Ages 5 -12)
* Sunday School (Beginning at age 3)
* Confirmation
(Grades 6, 7, and 8)
* Vacatioin Bible School
* Special Children's Events
* First Bible Training
(Age 9)
* First Communion Training (Age 10)


Sunday School is held at 8:55am in Koetz Hall every Sunday from September through May for ages 3 (potty trained) through 12.  (Call the church office for more information (708) 448-6555)


This is the time of year these students are attending confirmation, this small group focuses on: today's issues that teens are facing, developing peer support, enhancing their Christian worldview, and reinforcing God's direction in their lives.


CONFIRMATION CLASSES 7:00pm Wednesday's,  beginning September and going through May.



Rehearsal Date -  6 to 6:30pm  (Date TBA)
Confirmation Service - 10:00am (Date: TBA)


Every year on Good Friday there is an Easter Egg Hunt from 9:05am to 9:45am for children ages preschool through thrid grade.


DomesticPets.jpghappylab.jpgAnnual Pet Blessing

September 2018,  Saturday @ 10am - Date and place To Be Determined.

All pets are welcome (even the stuffed ones). A leash or carrying case will be needed. Be sure to bring a donation for the local animal shelter.


Link to Youth Activities Pictures from the past.


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"I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth." Martin Luther