Dart Baseball (aka DARTBALL) is a little known game outside of the Lutheran Church. It consists of both men and women players. The game is played like baseball, but only five (5) players are needed. Ages from high school and above are welcome to play. Three (3) nine-inning games are played per game night. There are 15 teams and 12 churches in our league. "FELLOWSHIP" is our team motto. Our team colors are blue, red, black, brown, green, and white.

(Click Here) How To Throw A Dart

During the Dartball season, practice is every Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in the Fellowship Hall.
Check the on line calendar for dates and exceptions.
ALL GAMES - Home and Away begin at 8:00pm

Dartball Season

2018 - 2019


04/24/18 Away  90th BANQUET  7:00 pm 


St. Mark Dartball Team 2008/09

SEASON 2014/2015

2015 First Lutheran Dartball End of Season

The Worth Dartball team earned a FIRST PLACE in the Division B group. The team had three (3) wins and two (2 ) losses at the end of season playoffs at Chicago Heights.  Brian Zukowski is one of six (6) top hitters with a .595 average and the team will move up to the A Division group next season.  The players were: Ken Gibson, Ubaldo Bivian, Tim Kaptur, Natalie Walters, Mike Oblak, Regina Pahr and John Hogel.  Please see John Hogel if you would like to learn more.



Dartball Game
Nick K's 27th Dart at Bat - A St. Mark Record

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